Run The Market

Maintain profitable Product Portfolio, provide Competitive Price, secure Placement on your market and manage your Promotions



KLIKER is a software solution designed to enable competitive market positioning of entire value proposition versus horizontal competition in real time.

KLIKER is developed in 3 different modules that deliver a set of tools designed for each position in the supply chain (Vendor, Distributor and Retail).

Every module enables 24/7 market visibility, precise price positioning, visibility of competitors actions in real time and proactive inventory management, while each module offers additional, customized sets of tools designed for each of the above mention position in the supply chain.


KLIKER module developed for vendors, module is designed to display key business drivers for successful Brand Management.


KLIKER module developed for distributors, module is designed to display key business drivers for successful Supply Chain Management.


KLIKER module developed for retailers, module is designed to display key business drivers for successful management of retail business.

KLIKER enables proactive management of key business drivers

  • Your Price vs Competitor's Pricing, Price Positioning
  • Which Price? / Promotion price? / Standard price?
  • In Real time with History and Analytics
  • Head-to-Head product comparison with "Find competition" functionality
  • PIN Product / New product / "Upload your Inventory" feature
  • Who is Promotiong what, when and where?
  • Alert and Task Manager modules
  • "Crashed Promo" feature with Alerting
  • Powerful and deatiled search engine
  • Full 360 Market view non stop
  • "On stock/no stock" visibility


Entire market in one place on one screen!

Do not make your business decisions based on experience and feeling. KLIKER's advanced analytics will enable you to make your strategic decisions based on facts.

Key Features:


Each KLIKER module has a customized dashboard with an overview of all key business drivers. Everything important - on one screen!


My Market

This is an advanced search engine that enables 360 view of the chosen market scape with which the user can see all Products, Pricing, and Promotions within chosen Retailers. The My Market tab offers head-to-head comparison options and customized alert set-up.

KLIKER can distinguish web prices from promotion prices, in-stock and out-of-stock/on stock-no stock options, product description and related product pictures. The Upload option is available for customers who want to compare a specific product portfolio versus the market (eg, their current stock).

Analytics Module

For advanced reporting if offering more detailed options for in depth analysis of every needed parameter

  • best Price per product configuration/brand/customer
  • which brand have most aggressive promotions?
  • which retailers have the lowest prices?
  • price history and many more
Analytics Module
My target

My target

This is where users enter their KPIs. Throughout this function you can monitor and analyse KPIs that you have entered and analyse and monitor the business performance of your competitors (Vendors, Retailers, specific product niches), but before everything, make sure your performance is giving growth and profit to your business.


  • somebody crashed your promotion?
  • you have the wrong description on your website?
  • you have no description or your product picture is missing?
  • you are out of stock?
  • your buyer is out of stock?
  • the product that you pinned has a new price or your custom-made target alert is calling you for immediate action?

Here is where you can see it all in a single screen!



Tasks is giving an option to create a separate task out of each above mentioned alert. The task will remind you to take action and once you manage the incident you can close the task.

Also, the user is able to create custom task and choose the timeframe in which to close it. KLIKER ensures that you provide fast and accurate response to anything that is threatening your business.


How much time do you need to compare your value proposition verso your competitors and how often you do it?

How do you track the activity of your competition, promotions of your competitors, what's new in their offer and how much do you pay people to do it for you?

What do you base your market price on and how do you track whether it is competitive?

When you are investing money in promotions, how do you control it and how often do you invest money in promotions that are not really competitive, and therefore unsuccessful?

Can you guarantee the best price on the market for your customers?

KLIKER does all this alone, every day and it only takes few seconds!


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